Growing through experience

Double Digit has a dual purpose. We deliver shared services for our partners with HR, sales, legal and marketing services and create cross-pollination. We support the clients of our partners with our 360 degrees approach. We create growth for our partners, and their clients. 

Our story

Icon Strategy


Our joined forces and shared services strategy creates an IT-ecosystem to accelerate your growth. Double Digit creates that leverage effect by providing a strong overall structure to help your company grow. You benefit from the participation, cross-fertilisation and shared-services structure but you also keep your own identity. Sometimes you need the lever, to lift the heavy load.

Icon Mission


Double Digit creates a structure of experts supporting companies within an eco-system that concentrates on growth. In our partnership we share expertise and technological knowledge, this has a leverage effect that transforms start-ups into leading companies.

Icon Vision


To establish Double Digit as the premier partner for tech-focused businesses to accelerate growth. We believe that joined forces and shared services create a leverage for businesses with a similar mindset.

Icon Customer value

Customer value

Double Digit is a one-stop-shop for growing businesses with a focus on IT. Being a part of our network means that your business gets the attention it deserves. Our quality standard is the same everywhere but each company has its own individuality.

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