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Our joined forces and shared services strategy create an IT-ecosystem to accelerate your growth.

Double Digit is a company that helps your companies grow. We provide a strong umbrella structure to companies that benefit from the participation and shared-services structure and keep their own identity. Double Digit companies are complementary. Within the structure there is no cannibalization or competition.

3 main benefits of the Double Digit IT-ecosystem

1. Financial risk is reduced because of the shared investment in future growth
2. Your branding will benefit of a larger exposure because you are now part of a larger group of companies, but without threatening your own identity
3. You'll gain market position because of the interaction between the Double Digit partnerships

By experience we know that small or medium sized business can benefit from a leverage effect to boost the growth of their business. Double Digit creates that leverage effect through participation and shared services while being supported by a broad structure and the network of the Double Digit experts. 

Sometimes you need the lever, to lift the heavy load.

We respect the identity of each business. We will not request an adaptation of the brand and there will no obligation to change internal rules. The CEO of the start-up / scale-up is still in the driver's seat but for the governance you can count on the Double Digit group for support. Think of it as additional backing to grow your business. In this collaborative and supportive structure, the business will have more impact in a short period of time compared to entrepreneurs that stand alone and need to cover multiple issues of different expertise. At the same time this type of co-governance guarantees a stable long-term strategy which also gives additional comfort to all your employees.

Why do we offer our partners a shared service option?

Small & medium sized businesses are often stuck in an "in-between stage" where growth is limited. As a start-up or scale-up business you arrive at a point where you don't have your own HR, legal, finance, marketing department yet. It might not be possible to hire these new employees at the same time. This often becomes a hurdle because this knowledge is necessary to grow your business. You might feel squeezed between a lot of priorities but every plan costs a lot of money to put into action. Do we invest in marketing or development for example?

What if you did not have to make choices, but you could realize all these plans at once? That means you can take your next step right away! The Double Digit partnership is the solution to the well-known problem that scale-ups and small companies face: trying to attract the right talent for HR, marketing, fleet-management, legal but not being able to afford it while trying to grow the business. We believe that all start-ups and scale-ups can grow even if they don't have their own in-house specialist.

How can you benefit from the shared service?

Our shared service can be adjusted depending on the stage of your company's life-cycle. The "buy & build" shared services strategy guarantees flexibility. You'll be able to fill in the needs of your business at vital points in that life-cycle. Whether you're in the growing or maturing stage, there will be important options for you to choose from. In exchange for the shared services Double Digit will invest in these growing tech-focused companies and is interested in partial acquisition of the company. The partners, via participation or start-up, will keep their own brand name and customer base but will benefit from the scale of the group. 

Only partners can benefit from the shared services, it’s not open to businesses outside of the eco-system.

How will your customers benefit from the partnership?

We have a 360 degrees approach for the clients of the Double Digit companies. It is a big advantage for your clients to cooperate with a Double Digit partner, as we have all the skills to serve the client fully. Our in-house talent can help you serve your clients better because we offer an entire range of services. That is the benefit of being part of a larger group. The strength of the wolf is the pack.

Feel like working together? Get in touch!

Future Double Digit partners are businesses that take their next step in the start-up of scale-up face and have less than 50 employees.

Our future partners have their challenges visualized, are eager to change and are looking for a partner to put ideas into action. 

That’s where we come in! Double Digit can offer the shared services and cross pollination that this business needs in order to grow. These businesses are willing to commit to a partner with the right mentality that will guide them through this. We call it a partnership because we focus on the long term together.

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Double Digit joins forces and creates a shared services strategy in an IT-ecosystem to accelerate your growth.

The Double Digit IT-ecosystem is a unique umbrella structure with companies that want to keep their own identity and want to grow in a controlled way. These companies therefore see value in our participative structure and shared services. We call this "shared services" because we share our talent with you and other ambitious partners that you can learn from and can work together with.

As a Double Digit partner you benefit from the skills of our talented employees that have their own expertise. The entire organisation stands behind you, and the financial structure provides further support. At the same time your knowledge is enriched by the network. The businesses in the eco-system have a similar mindset so the cooperation grows naturally.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by our full-service approach. We want to work with you to develop an overall strategy that is custom-tailored for your business needs. Double Digit companies are part of a larger group, that means we are able to give clients the attention they deserve. Another benefit is that we are able to use the newest technology to keep clients ahead of their competitors. 

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Buy & build shared-service strategy

To establish Double Digit as the premier partner for tech-focused businesses to accelerate growth. This growth happens through a "buy & build shared-service" strategy, our broad range of services can take you to that next level. We believe that joined forces and our shared services strategy improves businesses with a similar mindset.

What does Double Digit stand for?

Double Digit has a clear strategy, that is also echoed in our name. Tech companies are specifically businesses with a substantial growth rate. They mainly have a niche market-share with the potential of a larger marketscale. These ambitious goals and targets are often reflected in 'double digit' rates. These companies need support and advise in different domains that are possibly out of the comfort zone of the enterpreneur. This support is essential in the growth process and necessary to take this next step.

The Double Digit Logo reflects two elements of the strategy

  • Growth is reflected in the black line 

  • Network of different companies linked under the Double Digit Holding structure are visualised in the branches starting from the centre 

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Customer value

Double Digit is an umbrella of several companies that connect to each other.

It's a close-knit eco-system with focus on IT. A one-stop-shop for growing businesses looking for aspects of IT needs.

Being part of a network has a few benefits for your business:

  • We communicate internally and have the same mindset so it's easier to understand each other.

  • You can count on being prioritized; your business gets the attention it deserves.

  • Quality is guaranteed because of our internal connections. Our quality standard is the same everywhere but each company has its own individuality

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