DX-Solutions joins the Double Digit Group

The IT-company DX-Solutions is the first business to join the Double Digit Group.

The IT-company joins the holding to benefit from the shared services, CEO Xavier Dekeyster started DX-Solutions in 2005.

Smart capital via shared services

Small & medium sized businesses are often stuck in an "in-between stage" where they experience growing pains. That's also the personal experience of CEO Xavier Dekeyster. "DX-Solutions also experienced growing pains. Back in the day when we were a start-up we did not don't have our own HR, legal, finance, marketing department. It was not be possible to invest in this smart capital at the same time. We did not have the budget to hire everyone right away and the war for talents makes this problem even bigger. This often becomes a hurdle because this knowledge is necessary to grow your business. We have taken big steps in the past 17 years and went through a lot of changes but we'll still benefit from being part of a larger group." 

360 degrees approach for clients

"It feels good to be part of a larger group. Joining Double Digit has a dual purpose. It's not just beneficial for our growth, our clients benefit from our shared services too. Now we have a full-service approach so we can serve our clients on different domains. There's also another gain. When a client has a challenge that is outside of our comfort zone, another company within the Double Digit group might be able to help them. Our client already knows how Double Digit companies work, the quality within the group is guaranteed. They don't have to look for a solution from an unknown partner and can overcome that new challenge quickly."