Frequently asked questions

What are "shared services"?

Our shared service can be adjusted depending on the stage of your company's life-cycle. The "buy & build" shared services strategy guarantees flexibility. You'll be able to fill in the needs of your business at vital points in that life-cycle. Whether you're in the growing or maturing stage, there will be important options for you to choose from. 

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Who do we offer the shared services to?

Only partners can benefit from the shared services, it’s not open to businesses outside of the eco-system.

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What does Double Digit stand for?

Double Digit has a clear strategy, that is also echoed in our name. Tech companies are specifically businesses with a substantial growth rate. They mainly have a niche market-share with the potential of a larger marketscale. This ambitious track-record is often reflected in 'double digit' rates. These companies need support and expertise in different domains that are possibly out of the comfort zone of the enterpreneur. This support is essential in the growth process and neccesary to take this next step.

The Double Digit Logo reflects two elements of the strategy: 
- Growth is reflected in the black line
- Network of different companies linked under the Double Digit Holding structure are visualised in the branches starting from the centre

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Is Double Digit an HR consulting company?

No, we are not. We will not search for talent to join your company on a temporary or permanent basis. 

There's two options to work together in case you'd need to strengthen you HR strategy:
- You can because a Double Digit partner and use our HR shared service where we help you find the right talent
- If you can't find an HR expert to join your company but your business needs experts in certain topics. We might have the right experts in your company, so you can call on our other shared services  to grow your business. 

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