About WAN-Connect
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WAN-connect is a Belgian internet service provider for customers & partners, specializing in managed high-bandwidth connectivity between branch offices, teleworkers, data centers and their cloud environment. WAN-connect is the new name of Connect27: the Belgian business Internet service provider founded in March 2021 by hosting company Level27. Meanwhile, Level27 sold its shares, and that included a name change.


WAN-connect is rolling out a brand new and fully redundant network that allows 100 terabit routing and wants to make the difference with high uptime, service and speed. In its own words, WAN-connect now serves more than 500 locations with references such as Desco, Vincotte, Febelco, X20, Napoleon Games and Protime.

The sales order book after one year amounts to about three million euros. 'The need for service and uptime is really big in the B2B landscape. We relieve customers through our all-in connectivity for multi-sites, proactive support and fully redundant delivery. This is how we, as a small player, still make a difference compared to the traditional telecom players. Our neutral character also attracts many integrators such as Uptime, Thru, Switchpoint and IT Provider," adds CEO and founder Marcel De Beule.